Boat Repairs and Modifications

Boat Repairs and Modifications

“Boating is a pleasurable experience … keep it that way”

Our lifetime love of boats has necessitated that we learn and develop special skills and techniques in boat modification and repair.  With the continual innovations in boat construction materials, we are constantly experimenting and improving almost every aspect of a fibreglass boat.  Lighter, stronger materials have enabled us to reduce boat weight along with designs previously only in the imagination.

Fibreglass boats are our speciality.  They don’t grow old unless neglected and although designs may change, a good boat will always be a good boat.  

Common problems we deal with are:

  • Waterlogged hulls and replacing buoyancy materials
  • Wood rot of the transom
  • Structural reconstruction
  • Delamination of the fibreglass
  • Gelcoat chips, cracks and damage
  • Bringing the gelcoat colour back to life
  • Spray painting of boats

Whatever the requirements in boat restoration, we take special care in our construction methods and the correct use of the appropriate materials.   When your life depends on the seaworthiness of your boat, it’s just not worth cutting corners.