Trailer Services and Repairs

Trailer Services and Repairs

“Trailer wheels are faster than your tow vehicle when they come off”

The trailer is usually the only means of getting your boat to the water.  It’s also the difference between a great day or watching others have a great day.  Imagine sitting on the side of the road in the early hours of the morning, or worse still, enroute to your holiday destination, all because you neglected servicing your trailer.

Our Trailer technicians are qualified in the care of:

  • wheel bearing and brake services
  • trailer lights
  • welding repairs
  • roller and winch replacement
  • mudguard repair

If you are immersing your trailer in the water when launching your boat, it’s important to regularly check your wheel bearings. Once water gets inside the bearings, they rust and break…. Usually at the most inopportune time.

Some tell-tale signs of imminent bearing failure are:

  • A rasping sound from the wheel
  • Movement when the wheel is pushed sideways
  • A hot wheel hub after towing for a while.
  • Never ignore these signs, you don’t know how long you have.

Our recommendations are:

  • Your trailer bearings, brakes and lights be serviced before every long trip.
  • Wheel bearings should be checked and greased once a year with moderate use.
  • Brakes checked every 6 months with moderate use or monthly if used in salt water
  • Check trailer lights before every trip
  • Leave brakes in the off position when not towing
  • Carry a spare set of wheel bearings, oil seal and bearing cap