About Down South Marine

About Down South Marine

The brainchild of well-known angler, charter captain and legend boat skipper, Rob Naysmith, who, with nearly 60 years of going to sea in boats of all kinds, decided to bring everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of his experience.  In his words “a boat is a living thing, it needs to change, it needs care and the love of the skipper, give it that and it will build a lifetime of great memories and always take you home safely”, to this his credo is ‘love your boat’.

Almost 40 years ago Rob and Mercury crossed paths in earnest and he has remained dedicated to the brand since.   Since the formation of his charter business in 1993, all his boats have had Mercury outboards fitted exclusively, and that means quite a number of engines.  The reasons for this loyalty are Mercury’s ongoing passion in product development, outstanding engine reliability, they’re world leaders in service support and along with delivering unbeatable power, they last forever.  So it was inevitable that Rob and Mercury should eventually join forces to bring you the premium quality powerhouse engine backed by a highly experienced support team.

“I’ve seen many boats miss a great day on the water because of engine failure, and our aim is to make sure that doesn’t happen to our clients”. This we do by having the best and most qualified technicians work on your engines, no matter which brand you own.  But taking service quality to a higher level, each technician attends the Mercury training courses before qualifying and being certified to work on a Mercury engine.  Thereafter they undergo regular refresher courses to ensure they are up to date with the latest technology.

And if that wasn’t customer support enough, Rob added a fully kitted, 24 hour mobile workshop and technician to the business.  Not leaving things there he had to go one step further and make sure the vehicle is a 4X4 to get you out of any sticky situation as well.

Having repaired and modified many boats over the years, culminating in a major reconstruction and extension of his favourite boat Jabulani, (see Ski Boat Magazine, Vol. 35 No.3, May June edition 2019), Rob had to include a full boat service where no boat is too big or small, old or new.   From repairing unsightly Gelcoat gouges, cracks, deck layout changes and structural damage to replacing the transom and floatation, coating decks, epoxy spraying and building or modifying fish boxes.  In the rejuvenation shop your boat can be transformed and repaired just the way you like it. Using only the highest quality products, whatever you would like done to your boat will be of the highest standard of workmanship and in the shortest time possible.

Boats are Rob’s passion with his greatest love being to set them up for fishing … then watching the boat out-perform all the others in the fishing grounds.  As he says “there are tricks you learn over the years that give your boat that unmistakable edge” and his catch records prove that beyond any doubt.  So ask him for advice, he’s pretty good like that.

Rob has included a retail shop where you can find the necessary boating accessories, Quicksilver oils, lubes and a range of allied products, filters, spark plugs and impellers. Also genuine Mercury and Quicksilver engine parts for a 1 year warrantee peace of mind… and if it’s not in stock it will be in the store within a day or two for the most part.  Add to this a full inventory of safety equipment, and other items you’ll need for safe and responsible boating.