Boating Electronics

Boating Electronics

“With decades of sea-going experience, we understand the value of electronics but more importantly, we understand the value in an experienced installation”.

Marine electronics have become a way of life aboard just about every boat.  Long gone are the days of working off landmarks, navigating on a compass in foul weather or dragging a lead weight to find rocky ground.  Today’s electronics continually evolve in both ability and power, making your venture out on the water both pleasurable and safer. The latest NMEA 2000 means of communication between marine electronics, through a common ‘backbone’, allows for the instant sharing of information across the units to enhance their output.

Today, most sea-going power-boats have at least one electronic unit onboard, be it a Navigator, Fish Finder, Communications Radio, Radar, or Vessel Identification System (AIS).  Each of these components affords the skipper the required information for a successful trip if correctly installed and set up.  Often it may appear a simple installation for a DIY enthusiast however, it’s the fine tuning and knowledge of the instrument’s performance, that is missing.  As simple a task as installing a transducer can be the difference between success and failure.

The use of multiple electronic units feeding information off each other comes into play, it is necessary to work through a common hub, backbone or gateway.  The installation and setup of such a system requires skill and expertise for them to intercommunicate successfully. 

We have been around through the introduction and evolution of many of the commonly used electronics used today.  This gives our technicians an intimate understanding of each piece of equipment, how to best install it and most of all, get it to work to its full potential. 

To assist boaters in their choice of electronics, we carry an extensive range from Chart Plotters, Echo Sounders, Radio’s, to Radar and AIS.  Brands such as Garmin, Furuno, Simrad, Lowrance, Icom and many more, ensure we give you the latest and most reliable range available.